Hey everyone!

Today we held out END VICTIM BLAMING event and it was very successful. We got over 100 signatures on our FOX and CNN petitions.

Every two minutes we rang a bell and placed a piece of red paper in a jar to show people exactly how often sexual assault occurs in our country. We also laid of peace flags so that people who stopped by the table could write their story on a flag and hang it up, if they wished to do so. Lastly, we asked people to sign a letter that we are going to give to the victim. One of our VOX’s close friends knows the rape victim personally, and she is going to hand deliver our message of love and support.


VOX: Students for Choice will continue to fight for social change for many years to come! Stick with us to see what we will be doing next. 

Posted: Monday March 25th, 2013 at 6:12pm